Eric Schermerhorn and Pete Min are two guitarist/composers who make up CHIMP IS A BAND. Their work consists of songwriting, producing bands and scoring to picture. They are based in Los Angeles, though both originally hail from New York City where they met and played in a band in the mid-90′s. Eric‘s background includes recording, writing and touring with such notable artists as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Seal, The The, and Lucinda Williams. He has also collaborated with producers Ric Rubin, Linda Perry (Pink), Bill Botrel (Sheryl Crow) as well as Rick Parasher, Trevor Horn and Guy Chambers. Pete‘s history includes touring with Debby Harry, Jewel and Duncan Sheik. He currently divides his time between working with bands and scoring music for film and tv. He has produced a number of indie albums, including the Airborne Toxic Event‘s critically-acclaimed eponymous debut, and this winter will have a piece featured in Darren Aronofsky’s new film ‘Black Swan’. Together Eric and Pete bring all their diverse musical experiences and unique aesthetics to the world of CHIMP. Please enjoy the music of this special collaboration.